Monday, 9 October 2017

What makes me happy at school ?

In Room 9, we have been sharing our thoughts and ideas about all the things we do at school that makes us happy and excited about school.

Fire Safety in Room 9

Last term we were learning about fire safety. Things we need to remember when there is a fire -

Firefighters are heroes who safe lives of people. They came to our school to talk to us about how to be safe when there is a fire.

Firefighters showing us how they get ready when there is an emergency.

Firefighters getting the water hose ready to put off the fire.
 Splash! Splash! goes the hose putting off the fire. 

Firefighters carry lots of equipment in the fire truck It was interesting to see the inside of a fire truck.

Tongan Language Week

Last term we celebrated Tongan Language week. We all dressed up in Tongan costumes. We had a special assembly singing and doing Tongan dances.


Last term we have been learning about a BIG topic - SUSTAINABILITY. It was a tricky word for us in the beginning but later on we learnt how to say it, what it means and  what we can do to save resources for future.
So w went for a walk around our school and found a lot of rubbish. A lot of rubbish is not good or our environment. So we had to find a way to reduce this rubbish

As a part of this topic we had to find a problem we had in our environment and what we can do solve this issue.


Rubbish is  OUR PROBLEM

 What can we do now? - Our action is to .....

 So we collected all the rubbish in our class bins and sorted them based on plastics, glass, wrappers, paper.
In our rubbish we found a lot of yoghurt pots "WHAT CAN WE DO WITH THESE EMPTY YOGHURT POTS ?
Our ideas - ways to reuse our Yoghurt pots 
We decided to use these pots to grow plants for our Garden to Table in our school.
By doing this we are reusing the pots we threw as rubbish and also growing plants for our garden.
 Our designing of our pots for growing our seeds for our school garden

Then we took our pots to botanical gardens to sow our seeds .
Finally we planted  our Broad Bean seedlings in our school garden.

We are all waiting to get back to school after the holidays to see how are bean plants are growing the school garden. Thanks to Mrs Tonga who helped  us plant our seedlings in the garden.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Takahe Term 3 Newsletter

Wesley Primary School: Takahe Team Newsletter Term 3
Room 7, Room 8 and Room 9
Kia ora, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Talofa lava,
Fakalofa Lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Hello, Namaste
We are delighted to welcome Brya Lister to the Takahe team and Wesley
Community. She will be teaching New Entrants and Year 1 students in Room 7.
Dates to remember this term
Friday 28 July: Room 9 Assembly 1:45pm in the hall.
31 July - 4 August: Cook Island Language Week
Thursday 3 August: Talanoa Ako Student Conferences: We have our learner led sharing evening. Please ensure to book in a time to come and hear your child talk about their learning.
Friday 11 August: Room 8 Assembly 1:45pm in the hall.
Tuesday 22 August: Auckland Botanical Gardens trip
Friday 25 August: Room 7 Assembly 1:45pm in the hall.
4 September - 8 September: Tongan Language Week
Thursday 7 September: Reading Curriculum Evening 5:30-6:30pm.
18-29 September: FireWise Programme
Our Learning this term
Inquiry learning: Our focus this term is Sustainability and Technology. We will be re-using recycled materials to design ideas for helping our school environment.  As a part of our inquiry, the Takahe team will be visiting the Auckland Botanical Gardens.
Oral Language: Our focus is on learning new vocabulary for our Inquiry learning.
Written Language:  We will be learning to start our sentences using interesting words and write using words from our word wall. We will be re-reading our sentences to check they make sense. Students will also be focusing on including descriptive words and punctuation into their sentences.
Reading: The students will be reading everyday at school.  They will come home with reading books, word lists and some students will have Jolly Phonics to practise everyday.
Numeracy: Our focus this term is on basic knowledge building. We will be using Mathematics language
to talk about the strategies we are learning to use to solve Mathematical problems.
Statistics: Our focus this term is probability. The students will learn to predict the possible outcomes of events.
They will be using everyday language, such as the words; likely, unlikely or maybe to describe the l
ikelihood of an event happening.

Always remember to visit our class blogs to see what we are learning.
Click on the links below-
Room 7: this will be available shortly.
The Takahe Team: Mrs Alluri, Miss Grigg, Miss Lister and Miss Edwards

Wesley Primary now has an app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Links to these can be found at the bottom of our school website. On the app you can keep up to date with school events, visit our blogs and contact the office for absences (and many other things). We also have a Wesley Primary Facebook page. You can visit this site and leave us a comment or check for any notices or announcements. Just search for us on Facebook.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Literacy Week

We created a video about Ron our School Cat. It was fun dressing up Ron using pictures taken by us and Sarah.
Thanks to Sarah for sending us lovely pictures of Ron. It was exciting to write about Ron our school cat.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Literacy Festival

 Last week we celebrated Literacy Festival at our school. All classes were busy with activities like poetry slams, speeches,story writing, Famous authors books. 

In Room 9 we chose Joy Cowley as our favourite author. We read books written by her. We listened to her talk about her stories and the characters in her stories. We all liked how she wrote about her pet cat. 

At Wesley, we have a school cat named Ron. We got inspired by Joy Cowley's cat books and decided to make a wall story about Ron, the curious cat. 

We all displayed our work in the hall for our parents to come and see.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Our Landscape Pictures

We have been learning about Our Changing Landscapes. We looked at various landscape pictures and named the landforms we could identify in these pictures. We shared ideas using specific words we learnt during our study about Landscapes.
 Our Big Idea during our Inquiry was 'Moving water has the power to change our landscape.' 
As a part of our learning, we made clay models of landscapes. We used paint to add colour to our models.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Creating a landscape using Clay

Our Visual Art - We are creating a landscape using playdough and clay.
Visit us again to see our completed landscapes. Waiting for our models to dry so we can paint.

Can you guess what landform amI creating using clay?

Our trip to the Museum - our experience in the Volcano room

Last week we went to the Auckland Museum. Our favourite part of the trip was our experience in the volcano room.  We were a bit nervous but it was a great experience. Some of us were a bit scared but as we all were going together we were fine.

" It was exciting to be in the Volcano room"- Ferrist