Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Chapter Chat Gruffalo

In Room 9, we have been learning to retell stories using describing words. We  also created a scene setting diorama using playdough and cardboard. We made a Gruffalo and other animals in the story. 

This is a video of us retelling the Gruffalo story. 

Stop Motion Animation with Room 6 
We made a stop motion animation with the help of Room 6 children. They helped us to make these animations about the Gruffalo.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Close Encounters with crickets

At Wesley, we have a school vegetable garden. We went for a walk to
find out the types of creatures can we find in gardens. We saw ants, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, flies, snails, slugs, weta, spiders and an
interesting hopping creature. We all thought it was a cockroach but then we found out that it was a cricket. We were so fascinated by it as it started to hop, jump and turn around. We all wanted to know more about this insect. So we put a jar close to the cricket. It hopped and jumped into the jar and we closed the jar with a lid with holes so we could watch it carefully and observe what it looks like and learn more about it. We then got our magnifying glasses and observed it carefully what it looks like and it does. We started to feed it with dry leaves and dead spiders. We watched it carefully to see how it eats and moves. Then we put it on the mat and watched it JUMP and HOP. Guess what! it could jump like a frog, very high. We all got a fright and screamed,AW!!
Our teacher said " The cricket is smaller than us. We look like giants to a cricket. I think it is jumping to escape from us." So we all decided to let it go back to the garden.  

Monday, 26 March 2018

Room 9 Multicultural Mosaic

In Room 9, we coloured cultural patterns to show the country we come from and some Maori patterns of New Zealand- patterns of the place where we stand - Our Turangawaewae  We put our patterns together and made a mosaic to represent the culture backgrounds we have in our class. 
Our Multicultural Mosaic

Monday, 19 March 2018

Our Pepeha

In Room 9, we have been learning about Turangawaewae this term. Turangawaewae is the place for our feet to stand. As a part of our Inquiry, we have been sharing about the place we come from and plotted the countries we come from. We have been learning to say our Pepeha's. We used a pepeha to introduce ourselves to others, show the people in our family, the place we come from and about the place -where we stand now.

Our Shopping day

On Tuesday Takahe team went for a walk to the Market. Walking to the market was fun. We all collected the money we brought and  did some shopping. We saw lots of people there. The smell of donuts made us feel hungry. We could hear sizzling sausages and roast beef being sold there. but we decided we will buy healthy fruits to make fruit kebabs.There were lots of fruits and vegetables for us to choose from. We went in little groups to do our shopping. It was exciting paying money for the fruits we bought. We all had a turn playing on the playground. After buying different fruits we walked back to school. At school, we made fruit kebabs. It was fun helping with peeling the fruits and putting fruit pieces on skewers. YUM! YUM! we all got to eat our kebabs. 
Thanks to all parent helpers who came along.

Can you see the pattern I made using fruits?

Friday, 23 February 2018

Room 9 Class Captain Audition

At Wesley. we are at the stage of choosing class captains. Children who wanted to be class captains were given an opportunity to campaign for themselves by sharing why they would be good class captains. Then we had a class voting. 

Do you want to know who our class captain is...,visit us again. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

PMP activities

Room 9 enjoy going to PMP every Wednesday and Friday. We have Ms Miora and the helpers who help with this. We have great fun dong these activities. Our favorite one is the balloon hopper. It was tricky first but as we practiced it we got better at it.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Happy at school

Hello Everyone

Welcome to Room 9 class blog. We are in Takahe team along with Room 8 and Tuatahi classes.
Our teacher is Mrs Alluri and our teacher aide is Mrs Bala. This term we are learning about our Turangawaewae - a place for our feet to stand. We have PMP every Wednesday and Friday taken by Mrs Moira.

 Last week we have been sharing ideas about what makes us happy at school and drew pictures to share our ideas.

Last week, Friday we had our first assembly. This week two achievement awards were given to
Ha'amonga Tuipulotu  &  YonWady Hlaing. Congratulation to both of you. We are proud of you. Keep learning and try your best at school.