Friday, 23 February 2018

Room 9 Class Captain Audition

At Wesley. we are at the stage of choosing class captains. Children who wanted to be class captains were given an opportunity to campaign for themselves by sharing why they would be good class captains. Then we had a class voting. 

Do you want to know who our class captain is...,visit us again. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

PMP activities

Room 9 enjoy going to PMP every Wednesday and Friday. We have Ms Miora and the helpers who help with this. We have great fun dong these activities. Our favorite one is the balloon hopper. It was tricky first but as we practiced it we got better at it.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Happy at school

Hello Everyone

Welcome to Room 9 class blog. We are in Takahe team along with Room 8 and Tuatahi classes.
Our teacher is Mrs Alluri and our teacher aide is Mrs Bala. This term we are learning about our Turangawaewae - a place for our feet to stand. We have PMP every Wednesday and Friday taken by Mrs Moira.

 Last week we have been sharing ideas about what makes us happy at school and drew pictures to share our ideas.

Last week, Friday we had our first assembly. This week two achievement awards were given to
Ha'amonga Tuipulotu  &  YonWady Hlaing. Congratulation to both of you. We are proud of you. Keep learning and try your best at school.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Transparent, Translucent & Opaque

Here are our ideas about Light passing through different objects.

Transparent, Translucent, Opaque

Monday, 11 December 2017

Takahe Light Festival

This term, we had a light festival during our inquiry about Light and colour.
We tried doing some simple experiments on to gather evidence to support our ideas about Light.

  Light travels in straight lines

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Term 4 Newsletter

Welcome to all the new children and new families to Wesley

Dates to remember this term

Week 2 -  Diwali - Festival of Lights
Week 3 - Tokelau Language Week
Friday 3 Nov - Last day  for Calendar Art orders
Wednesday 8 Nov  - Class Photographs
Thursday 9 Nov - Writing Curriculum Evening
Wednesday 15 Nov - Talanoa Ako Student Sharing Afternoon 2 - 3pm
Friday 24 Nov - Takahe Light Festival in the hall 1.45pm - 2.45pm
Friday 24 Nov - Wesley Primary Fiafia night - 5.30pm start
Saturday 25 Nov - Cultural Festival
Friday 1 Dec - Room 9 Assembly 2pm
Friday 8 Dec - Prizegiving Assembly
Monday 11 Dec - Reports home
Friday 15 Dec - Last day of school
Reminder:  All students need to wear a sunhat with a brim this term.  The sunhats are sold at the school office.
Our Learning this term
Inquiry learning: Our focus this term is Light and Colour.  We will be talking and sharing ideas about light and colour. We will also observe, record our observations and talk about our observations using evidence.  As a part of our inquiry, the Takahe team will explore light and colour activities in the hall at the Takahe Light Festival on 24 November from 1.45pm -2.45pm.
Oral Language: Our focus is on learning new vocabulary for our Inquiry learning.
Written Language:  We will be learning to start our sentences using interesting words and write using words from our word wall. We will be re-reading our sentences to check they make sense. Students will also be focusing on including descriptive words and punctuation into their sentences.
Reading: The students will be reading everyday at school.  They will come home with reading books, word lists and some students will have Jolly Phonics to practise everyday.
Numeracy: Our focus this term is on basic knowledge building.  We will use Mathematics language to talk about the strategies we are learning to use to solve Mathematical problems.
Geometry & Measurement:  
Our focus this term is Measurement of Time, left and right turns, clockwise and anti clockwise directions in Geometry.

Always remember to visit our class blogs to see what we are learning
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The Takahe Team: Mrs Alluri, Miss Grigg, Miss Lister and Miss Edwards

Wesley Primary now has an app which can be downloaded from the Appstore or Google Play. Links to these can be found at the bottom of our school website. On the app you can keep up to date with school events, visit our blogs and contact the office for absences (and many other things). We also have a Wesley Primary Facebook page. You can visit this site and leave us a comment or check for any notices or announcements. Just search for us on Facebook.

Monday, 9 October 2017

What makes me happy at school ?

In Room 9, we have been sharing our thoughts and ideas about all the things we do at school that makes us happy and excited about school.

Fire Safety in Room 9

Last term we were learning about fire safety. Things we need to remember when there is a fire -

Firefighters are heroes who safe lives of people. They came to our school to talk to us about how to be safe when there is a fire.

Firefighters showing us how they get ready when there is an emergency.

Firefighters getting the water hose ready to put off the fire.
 Splash! Splash! goes the hose putting off the fire. 

Firefighters carry lots of equipment in the fire truck It was interesting to see the inside of a fire truck.

Tongan Language Week

Last term we celebrated Tongan Language week. We all dressed up in Tongan costumes. We had a special assembly singing and doing Tongan dances.