Sunday, 12 August 2018

Having Fun reading dual language texts in Room 9

In Room 9, we have been learning to read book in our home language. Home Language is very precious to all of us and we feel acknowledged when we read books in our own language. We also had a go at reading other language texts we created because we have children from other cultures in our class.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Room 9 trip to the Auckland Zoo

On 31 July we went a trip to the Auckland Zoo to learn about animals and bugs. We were lucky to go for free as we won a free trip to the zoo for learning about bugs and sending our learning to the Zoo. We had an awesome time going to the zoo and learning about bugs at the bug lab and looking at various animals.

Room 9 Art work

We have been looking at Filipe Tohi's art work patterns and using his model for our art work. We used straight lines and shapes. We first had a go at drawing lines and shapes using pencils. Then we chose contrasting colours to colour in the shapes. We were learning about contrasting colours when we did this activity.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

We celebrated Matariki on 25 June. We read books about Matariki stories and sang songs. We made kites with Maori patterns. We did weaving and string stars. We read stories about the seven stars and seven sisters. We drew pictures and wrote our Matariki stories.

We made a Maori Cloak

Weaving for Matariki 
Matariki lanterns

Friday, 29 June 2018

Room 9 Trip to the Auckland Airport

This week Room 9 along with Room 8 and Room 10 enjoyed going on a trip to the Auckland Airport. We were super excited to see planes take off and landing. We saw lot of planes flying so close to us we felt like WoW!.It was a great experience. We wrote a lot of stories about our experiences.
It was exciting reaching the Auckland Airport.

We saw a lot of planes taking off and landing.

It was very exciting to wait for the planes. I could not wait to see it land. we counted the number of planes we saw. it was more than ten planes we saw. It was busy air traffic.

                                                          We saw a special plane model at the airport

Here comes the pilot. A pilot is a person who drives the plane. He wore a special pilot uniform. We all waved at the pilot and the pilot waved back to us.

It sounded like a big roar when the planes were landing and taking off.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Fun run at Wesley

We all had a great time participating in Fun run at Wesley. We did it in teams and it was so much fun. Look at us in action.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Chapter Chat Gruffalo

In Room 9, we have been learning to retell stories using describing words. We  also created a scene setting diorama using playdough and cardboard. We made a Gruffalo and other animals in the story. 

This is a video of us retelling the Gruffalo story. 

Stop Motion Animation with Room 6 
We made a stop motion animation with the help of Room 6 children. They helped us to make these animations about the Gruffalo.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Close Encounters with crickets

At Wesley, we have a school vegetable garden. We went for a walk to
find out the types of creatures can we find in gardens. We saw ants, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, flies, snails, slugs, weta, spiders and an
interesting hopping creature. We all thought it was a cockroach but then we found out that it was a cricket. We were so fascinated by it as it started to hop, jump and turn around. We all wanted to know more about this insect. So we put a jar close to the cricket. It hopped and jumped into the jar and we closed the jar with a lid with holes so we could watch it carefully and observe what it looks like and learn more about it. We then got our magnifying glasses and observed it carefully what it looks like and it does. We started to feed it with dry leaves and dead spiders. We watched it carefully to see how it eats and moves. Then we put it on the mat and watched it JUMP and HOP. Guess what! it could jump like a frog, very high. We all got a fright and screamed,AW!!
Our teacher said " The cricket is smaller than us. We look like giants to a cricket. I think it is jumping to escape from us." So we all decided to let it go back to the garden.