Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Matariki in Room 9

We celebrated Matariki on 25 June. We read books about Matariki stories and sang songs. We made kites with Maori patterns. We did weaving and string stars. We read stories about the seven stars and seven sisters. We drew pictures and wrote our Matariki stories.

We made a Maori Cloak

Weaving for Matariki 
Matariki lanterns


  1. Hi Room 9. We enjoyed your work, it was really amazing. We liked your patterns and the effort you must have put in. This reminds some of us of making kites in Room 6. Maybe next time you could make a video showing us how to make these things. From Room 3.

  2. hello room 6 i am mele and i am in may road school and i really liked the way you mad the kite and it is so cool next time i want to know how you guys mad the kite and i like the way you decorate your matariki kite.